Okta developer account - Not receiving verification email

Hi there,

I’m trying to sign up for an okta developers account with my domain.
After filling out the details (email, name, domain…) I get this message:

Verify Your Email Address

We just sent a verification email to XXX.
Please go to your inbox and verify your account to continue.

But then I am never receiving an email (also not in spam or trash folder).

Can someone help me and trigger the verification email again or sort this out?

Thanks in advance!

You can try again with the same email or a different one. You can sign up as many times as you like with the same email.

Hi @dbxmediaco

In order to have the email unblocked, can you please send us an email to support@okta.com, mentioning the email address and one of my colleagues will assist you with unblocking the email?

Thanks for your help, I’ve tried that but it’s always the same. I get the same screen but never receive an email.

Thank you for your help @dragos! I just sent an email to support@okta.com and will be awaiting their response :slight_smile: