Okta MFA Sign in at Windows login and reset options

Greetings, I would love to get the Okta MFA protection and reset password options at the Windows login screen. A lot of SSO competitors have this feature and would love to see Okta get this working as well. Or at least the ability for users to reset their password at the login screen. They have a web page pop up after you login with your credentials still at the login screen Ping, ManageEngine (Super cheap software) and I believe OneLogin had this feature and it was a great selling point for them. Just trying to help and also a feature I would really really like. Thank you!

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I believe the below link is what may help you? We had used the Okta windows agent to do MFA on Windows VM on login a while ago but don’t do it anymore since we switched to AWS app stream for the use case.

MFA for Windows Credential Provider (okta.com)