Okta Saved Passwords an iOS Apps

Hi, I’m looking to see if we can fill this use case for saved passwords:

  • We have Okta setup on the web as https://examplecompany.okta.com. If you go to this link, it will ask you to login to Example Company.
  • We are also creating a specialized native mobile app that requires login to the company’s Okta. It uses this API: Authentication | Okta Developer
  • Users may have logins passwords for https://examplecompany.okta.com on their iOS device. They use this to autofill their logins. We would like our native mobile app’s login screen to suggest the same saved logins as they would encounter if visiting on the web.
  • Apple allows linking a domain to your app via this process: Apple Developer Documentation
  • In short, it seems that the target domain must expose a /.well-known/apple-app-site-association file.
  • Can we create such an association file for Okta so that iOS devices know they can autofill their Okta password into our app? Am I even on the right track here?

Thanks for your time!