Okta SCIM SDK Usage


We are planning to integrate Okta and currently there is an existing DB in Postgres containing date related to Username, password etc.
While we move to Okta, the entire data in Postgres should be sync with the Okta DB. For this we prefer to use the SCIM Protocol.

  1. We come to know that there is a OKTA SDK support SCIM Protocol V2.0 which can be used for this purpose. Does this support the JPA for the Postgres db.
  2. If point 1 is possible, is there any license/cost is involved and no cost when we are already taking service from Okta.
  3. If cost is involved, is it per account based or based on the database size.
  4. If we are planning to use the SCIM sdk via any other OpenSource, then there is an option to use Okta Provisioning Agent which interact with the SCIM SDK Server.