Okta-spring-boot-starter jar issue

Hi Okta Team,

We’re trying to implement a Spring Boot App to use Okta for the identity management and we’re running into some challenges. We created a demo project using this link: https://developer.okta.com/blog/2017/10/27/secure-spa-spring-boot-oauth .
We’re running into an issue in the okta-spring-boot-starter jar file during YamlPropertySourceLoader.load. Essentially, there seems to be change in OktaPropertiesMappingEnvironmentPostProcessor.java file took 3 arguments in the method load, where as spring-boot-statrter parent 2.0.1.RELEASE does not have the 3rd parameter.

We’re using the following versions:

spring boot starter parent is 2.0.1.RELEASE

spring-security-oauth2 is 2.3.3.RELEASE

spring-security-oauth2-autoconfigure is 2.0.0.RELEASE

okta-spring-boot-starter is 0.2.0.RELEASE

Could you please point us to any working samples that we can use to hook in Okta with our Spring apps using the latest Spring versions?

Thanks for your help!

Same issue I am getting for https://developer.okta.com/authentication-guide/implementing-authentication/auth-code as well.