Okta SSO from Mobile app to Web view

Briefly here is the scenario we have:

  1. The mobile app uses the Okta Native SDK to authenticate the user (GitHub - okta/okta-react-native: OIDC enablement for React Native applications)
  2. When accessing the page from the Web app, it opens the page in a WebView. The question is how the web app should authenticate the users when the page is loaded from the mobile app without asking for a password again.

Expected behavior

Keep the session between the mobile app and the web

Does the behavior change if you use the browser-sign-in flow as shown in the sample app below?

I know Okta relies on the session cookie to determine if the user is logged in or not. I remember reading that iOS 9+(?) doesn’t share cookies between apps. Not sure if it’s possible to not prompt the user to login again.