Okta-Vue-Sample-Project - login failures

Hi. Today I downloaded and attempted to run the Okta-Vue-Sample-Project. However, I have been unable to log into the SPA opnce I got it loaded.

The app runs and presents the Login widget. I dont have a password, although I believe that the Username is my Okta username as I see it on my account page. I dont have a passsword maybe because I used my GitHub account to set up my account. I cannot use the GitHub account password, and I cannot set a new password in the Change Password pane of the Account page, because I need a password for that.

Using the reset password function I get an email, which says I need to contact an Admin. But that is me as I am a sole developer, no company.

Any ideas how I get a password set up? Is there anything I need to do in the App setup maybe?

Thanks in advance

Hi there. If you set up your Okta account with your Github, then this would all be working as intended since that password is technically “mastered” by Github. In your situation I would create a new user in Okta for testing purposes.