Pagination Error

Did anything change on the OKTA API?

def okta_pagination():
print(‘NEXT PAGE: ’ + str(r.headers[‘Link’]))
next_page = r.headers[‘Link’].split(",")
next_page = next_page[1][next_page[1].find(’<’) + 1: next_page[1].find(’>’)]
next_page = ‘NULL’
return next_page

This python function used to work and now it returns the following error:

{“errorCode”:“E0000037”,“errorSummary”:“Type mismatch exception. Could not convert parameter ‘limit’ to the required type.”,“errorLink”:“E0000037”,“errorId”:“oae7so4Xdu_SuKkY76UgfG00w”,“errorCauses”:[]}

I have already debuged the string and it is showing as:

Anyone having the same issue?