PowerShell support feedback

We occasionally get requests from customers who want more support for calling the Okta API from PowerShell scripts. If this is you, please reply to this thread and let us know what you need to be able to do!

We have an older, official PowerShell module (Okta.Core.Automation) that works but is not currently receiving any new features. It doesn’t target .NET Core so it is incompatible with PS Core.

There are a few unofficial, community-supported PowerShell modules:

Let us know what you’d like to be able to do with PowerShell + Okta that you can’t do today.

I am using Powershell to call the Okta API’s and I assume any module would only provide a subset of the functionality exposed via the API ?

Is there any focus internally at Okta to expose more configuration controlled via GUI through the API? I think there is a strong CD/CI case for completely automating the Org config and assisting in aligning between Orgs

'ello @Govner

Sorry for the late reply. PowerShell should be able to call any Okta REST-based API. My module (^^^) only contains a few dozen endpoints, but the readme also shows how to add more – it’s pretty quick and easy.

Was there something in particular you had in mind?


Quick update: the official PowerShell module was recently deprecated. The unofficial ones (^^^) are still available for use.

Articulate wrote a Terraform provider for Okta that might help with your CI/CD use case: https://github.com/articulate/terraform-provider-okta

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