React Native support

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Does this package support React Native? If it does, please provide a link or some instructions on how to implement it in React Native.


Okta is planning on adding React Native support, I can’t talk about timing quite yet, but I moved this to Feature Requests.

Thanks for reaching out!

Does this mean that for developers currently building an app in React Native Okta is not a consideration at all? I’ve been researching registration/auth for days now and I’m so confused. Is there a way to still use Okta purely as a REST API? I can’t find a simple walk-through on how to add this to a react native app to enable registration and authentication …

It is definitely still possible. Okta is OpenId Connect spec compliant, so you can treat Okta as an OpenID connect provider and use any open source tooling. This means you should be able to use Okta with any tools that enable your application for OAuth 2.0 or OpenId Connect (OpenId Connect is an extension on top of OAuth 2.0).

Okta also has an Authentication API which is targeted for developers who want to build their own end-to-end login experience to replace the built-in Okta login experience.

Ok, thanks for the info. When using the Authentication API, how does the app register new users with Okta? I only saw reference to that as a non-GA feature, but how does anyone use Okta if new users can’t register?

Since Okta supports OAuth and OIDC, you should be able to use open source OAuth libraries for React Native. I’d suggest trying one of the following:

Please report back on your experience with these libraries if you have time.

One other point for me is that I’m, like many newer developers, am using Expo which would require you to ‘eject’ the app to link in native libraries, which these OAuth libraries seem to be. Then you lose a lot of the nice features of the Expo environment. So I’m thinking a direct API integration might be the most appropriate solution for my needs. Are there any concerns with that, possibly not being OIDC compliant or something?

I was able to get working this week. Its example only requires you to change a few properties to work with Okta. It did seem to get rid of the Expo environment, but I was still able to hot reload the code on an emulator.

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Any Updates on this? I tried out the sample which is on the okta Homepage. It feels clumsy as hell… maybe somebody can give me a helping hand?


That guide works (thanks for it), but would you be able to update it (or create a new post) with how to expand that with Social Identity Providers? Or, if there’s already such documentation, could you point us to it?
There seems to be quite a bit of setup both on the Okta side and the Provider (I’m looking specifically at Facebook), and determining what exactly are the Redirect URLs to use, what to whitelist where, etc can get a bit tricky!

The only blog post I know of that shows Social Login is Add Social Login to Your Spring Boot 2.0 App. Hope this helps!