React widget github example not working

I’m trying this example using the react widget, but is not working. I can login successfully, and the console isn’t throwing any error. However the token is not being set in the local storage, therefore the user is not authenticated.

Appreciate any help

Hi @al2

Is this issue occurring in all browsers? This seems to be an issue with the browser used.

Yes, I tried chrome and edge. It’s the widget the one not working, if I use the default okta login page it works.

Hi @al2

Is there any javascript error registered in the browser’s console logs while doing the authentication and authorization using the sign-in widget?

Hi, I found the issue. If I add the client id to the OktaWidget then I get this error:

The ‘redirect_uri’ parameter must be an absolute URI that is whitelisted in the client app settings.

Otherwise it works.