Refresh Token throws 403 error

I have an app where I have to Refresh token while uploading files. The app should be running for more than a day with renewing token. The app has token timeout as 1 hour. so I keep refreshing token after an hour.
After 24 hours or so, when I new token it keeps throwing 403.

Is there any limit on number of times refresh token could be called?

@visha Hi, did you try to set up the token lifetime at the polices in your org?

@Lijia The refresh token lifetime is set to unlimited.
Please see the screenshot below


What’s the error message you see when you attempt to exchange the refresh token for new tokens?

If you only see a 403, are you sure that the client authentication you are providing the token endpoint is for the same client that the tokens were issued for?

I see 403. Everything has to be the same. As the refresh token works fine for 24 hours and suddenly it gets this error.

Can you confirm that the issuer you are making your /token request to matches the Authorization Server that has that Access Policy with the refresh token lifetime set to unlimited?

You can find the issuer URI for your authorization server on the Settings tab for your server. If you are using this server, the token endpoint you are hitting should start with this Issuer URI and end with /v1/token.