Remove Limit of GET users for v1 API

For several applications and several reasons, I need to allow my users to select from a list of colleagues. This is generally done by a javascript-enhanced form control, and generally requires a complete list of all users. All I need is a displayName and an id. Additional info would be great, but I could setting for just those two (or firstName, lastName, id).

This currently (in 2017!) can’t be done and hasn’t been possible for at least 3 years. Pagination is the only option, which is pretty useless. Forcing my UI to conform to arbitrary API limits defeats the goals of an effective API.

Not only that, but this means I’ll simply hit the endpoint several times in succession to get (in my case) about 500 users. The cost of 3 requests of 200 vs 1 of 500 is probably higher with the forced pagination.

I submitted a support ticket and was basically told “this isn’t possible,” which strains credulity. I don’t know if this feature request will accomplish anything before we get fed up and move to a different SSO solution, but I thought I’d give it a try.

I replied to you on Twitter and then saw this right after… haha. Sorry for the double reply.

If I’m understanding your use case right: you have a JavaScript picker that needs to be preloaded with the full user list so the end-user can pick their colleagues (from the “cached” list, for lack of a better term).

I’m curious how the picker works. Does it show all 500 names, or does the user start typing the first few characters of a name they know? Wondering if making search API requests would be better than trying to load the whole list.

Not a perfect solution, I know. I’ll see if there’s any way to get the limit raised too.