Schedule or Delay Application Provisioning

We would like a feature to schedule or delay provisioning of applications in Okta.
We currently have provisioning for BambooHR set up. So we have BambooHR as our Master app which is currently set up to auto create Okta accounts when a BambooHR account is created.

This feature wouldn’t be BambooHR specific, but it would be great if there was a way to delay or schedule app provisioning for new Okta accounts.

Example: A new hire gets an invite to their personal email from Okta to set up their account 3 days before their official start date, and they only get access to Slack and Gmail. 3 days later on their start date, they get access to every group assigned app pertaining to they position.

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Hi @justinBM,

If you are licensed to use workflows (, you can use it along with group rules as workaround to delay provisioning.

If you would like to request for a new feature without using workarounds, please post this on : . It is closely monitored by product team at Okta.