Scimify - application to test SCIM connections with Okta for both SCIM 1.1 and SCIM 2.0

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scimify is a PHP application that supports both SCIM 1.1 and SCIM 2.0 servers with operations for /Users, /Groups and /ServiceProviderConfig endpoints. This application was created in order to test SCIM capabilities with Okta SCIM enabled applications.


  • An Okta preview account, called an organization (you can sign up for a free integrator organization)
  • A local web server that runs PHP 7.0 with MySQLi extension and mod_rewrite module
  • ngrok in order to inspect the requests and responses


  • Download scimify and upload it in the document root of your local web server
  • Create a MySQL database and add the configuration details in resources/config.php
  • Use ngrok http <local web server port> (eg. ngrok http 80 ) to put the web server online and link the ngrok URL with Okta


scimify works by parsing the request received from the identity provider and storing the body as per the SCIM 1.1 and SCIM 2.0 standards available here.

You can find below the deployment guides for SCIM 1.1 and SCIM 2.0 using an integrator organization:

If you would like to find out more details about the methods used, check out the following wiki articles:


When submitting your application to OIN Manager, it’s required to provide Runscope results of your SCIM server. For reference, you can find below the Runscope results for scimify:

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Excellent work! I’m going to test this out.