Setting up an App for multiple client connections

Hi everyone,
We have a website covering Management training, we have several clients that use or have access to Okta and it seems like we should be able to set up an app for them to access on the open network.

I have set up a test app and can connect fine but I would like to know if it is possible to bucket clients. We have contracts with our clients and need to be able to offer reporting. We have this all set up for SAML but I cant see an easy way to separate them when they are all using the same connection. I am wondering if this is setup per client as in: Our app is visible, client adds it to their offerings, client goes through a setup screen where they set up SAML and send us unique metadata?

It is difficult (for me) to differentiate between the steps for a content provider and the steps for a (test) client in the setup process. Any advice would be most appreciated.