The React samples do not work with Microsoft Edge

The Hosted Login page does not get passed the initial Login page for Microsoft Edge. When you click on the Login button, nothing happens.

Console has no errors and there is nothing on the network that suggests a problem. I added console statements to the login() method on the Home.jsx page and determined that Edge is at least getting into the login function. But when it calls this.props.auth.login() nothing seems to occur.

Does Okta just not support Edge nor IE11?

Maybe our React SDK needs a polyfill like our Angular samples do?

I know nothing of Angular. Is main.ts the equivalent as App.js?

Are you guys going to be merging this fix over to the React SDK soon?

No. They’re not really related. The reason I point to this is because someone mentioned that some polyfills are needed for Angular with Microsoft. I figured the same polyfills might be needed for React.

Is it possible for Okta to look into their demos? Pretty bad first impression when you can’t even log in. lol.

The demos work if you use a browser like Chrome or Firefox. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry we forgot to test with Microsoft Edge.

The best way to track when this will be fixed is to enter a bug into the React SDK’s GitHub repository. That way, you’ll be notified when there’s any activity on the issue.

haha, I would love to be able to tell my boss/users that they just have to use Chrome. But unfortunately I cannot. I’ll add a bug to the repo for this. thanks!