Webview is not displaying in mobile when i convert reactjs webpage to mobile app


I have downloaded sample code of reactjs code and converted into mobile app

When mobile app is running I am getting below error in android studio

2021-09-24 10:35:40.321 13846-13846/io.ionic.reactjs_example E/Capacitor/Console: File: Signing in... - Line 42 - Msg: error.errorCode: invalid_request, error.description: The ‘redirect_uri’ parameter must be a Login redirect URI in the client app settings: okta-dev-26880336 - Sign In

Web browser is opening successfully but when i open mobile app
App is not opening when i click login button, it is showing like below

my login signin and signout credentials in okta developer console are

If any one knows please suggest me this error

How do you have the login redirect uri defined in the app itself? This error is typically thrown when there is a mismatch between what’s in the app code and what’s in Okta (or missing altogether in Okta).

Hi @tyty

I have added login redirect uri and logout uri in Okta developer console.

When i convert reactjs web application into mobile app, It asked to add “trusted origin” url(http://localhost) in okta developer console.

I have added it in okta developer console and runned it agian. After this also, the page is reloading again and again after clicking login page.

Web page is logging correctly. Only mobile app is getting like that.

can you please suggest me why this page is reloading again and again in mobile.
I am getting error in android studio as shown in above question

Interesting - It’s hard to know exactly what could be causing this. What exactly are you converting the app into? Have you had a chance to look at our React Native sample(s)?