Will all operators of the SCIM Protocol Specification and a sorting be implemented in the User Search API?


I’m developping a little application for searching employees and getting their profiles regarding different okta profile properties, custom properties included.

The current Okta User Search API serve well my basic needs but it lack some important features (for me) as we cannot use the full range of operators described in the SCIM Protocol Specification so my questions are the following:

Will the full range of Attribute and Logical operators of SCIM Protocol Specification be available? The not equal or the contains operators could be very helpfull regarding search.

Will something like sorting on properties is in the roadmap for search apis? Actually I can’t see a way to get a sorted result even on basic user profile properties (like lastName).

Thank you for your work I really like working with Okta and Okta APIs!

Best Regards,

Hi @mgremont

Thank you for this suggestion. At the moment, we support only the operators defined here, however I will move this to feature requests section in order to have this taken into consideration when the Users API endpoint will be extended.

Hi Dragos,
Thank you for the reply, so for now implementing the full range of SCIM Protocol Specification operators is not on the roadmap?

Hi @mgremont

At the moment, this is not on the short term roadmap, but engineering will take it into consideration when upgrading the API endpoints.