400 Error Authorize flow

I am trying to learn authorization flow and trying to test it through postman but getting this error
Please see the attachments for okta app settings and postman settings

Any help is greatly appreciated.
I am stuck for 4 hours and trying to find a solution.

It looks like in your okta app config you have the redirect URL as http but in postman it’s https, that’s why the error says the redirect URL provided isn’t one of the ones registered

Hi Aaron,
Thanks for replying.
After matching the redirect uri’s, I get the Okta login page in Postman, I login to Okta but I dont see the token generated.
Also where is the code that I generated with authorize command needs to go in Postman in Auth tab as I think I wont get token until and unless I tell the code, correct?

When I run curl command I get the token,What am I doing wrong in Postman
Do u have a link or documentation that can help me in Postman. I was watching your safari live training it has postman but it shows the snapshot of postman results not the settings in postman?


Yeah this is why I stopped using Postman for the exercises, it takes longer to explain how to do this in Postman vs using curl or anything else, and then all you learn is how to use postman.

Double check that you’ve set up postman to make a POST request, and that the request is form-encoded not JSON.

Hi Aaron,
Still no luck.
When I check the console it gives me error

I got it working with typing everything in Params tab but not in Authorization tab.
I will give up on Authorization tab for now. :slight_smile:

Thanks for helping me out.

Glad you got it’s working. The error message in your last screenshot is the clue. “Cannot supply multiple client credentials”. Looks like you had the client secret in both the post body and the authorization header.