Activate FIDO factor from Android Application

I’m developing a Flutter application that interact directly with the Okta APIs and I’m trying to implement the MFA FIDO2.

I’ve tried to use the Okta Classic Engine, but the FIDO provider is not supported by the ENUM of the SDK. And I don’t want to use a WebView or open a ChromeTab. That’s why I’m calling directly the APIs.

I authenticate successfully my user with Primary authentication with public application.

After that, i’m managing the MFA_ENROLL status calling the Enroll WebAuthn Factor. FIDO2 is the unique MFA available for my environment.

I receive the challenge and all the data necessary to create the passkey. The creation on my Android device is successful through the CredentialManager. Then, I call Activate WebAuthn Factor with the just created passkey data.

The activation API call return me this error:

{"errorCode":"E0000001","errorSummary":"Api validation failed: config","errorLink":"E0000001","errorId":"oaewIYMU4oERMKXbNP_FhKAEw","errorCauses":[]}

This is my pain point and I don’t know how resolve it.
Someone can help me?

If you are trying to use embedded browsers in Flutter, then FIDO isn’t supported for them. Read more about it here FIDO2 (WebAuthn) compatibility

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Nope. I’m not using a WebView. I’m calling directly the APIs. The challenge to create the passkey is managed through native Android API (CredentialManager).

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