Add new Application -> Service new interface


It looks Okta changed the UI recently, anyone can tell me how to do "Adding Application → Service. " on new UI?



I prefer to use the Okta CLI. Install it and run okta login to connect it to your Okta org.

Then, run okta apps create service. Select the default app name, or change it as you see fit. Choose Service and press Enter.

The Okta CLI will create an OAuth 2.0 Service App in your Okta Org. You will see output like the following when it’s finished:

Okta application configuration has been written to: /path/to/app/.okta.env

Run cat .okta.env (or type .okta.env on Windows) to see the issuer and credentials for your app.

You can also use the Okta Admin Console to create your app. See Create a Service App for more information.

Or, navigation is Applications > Applications > Add Application > Create New App > Platform: OAuth Service.

Got it :grinning: Create New App > Platform: OAuth Service .