Administrator Roles API - List user roles

Hi all

I’m trying to make use of this endpoint to get the roles of a user after they have logged in. The login works all good and I link the uid from Okta to the user in our system, I then attempt to make use of this uid to get the roles for the user, but the endpoint is returning the following error:

{“errorCode”:“E0000006”,“errorSummary”:“You do not have permission to perform the requested action”,“errorLink”:“E0000006”,“errorId”:“oaeQt72MgbrQcWaaZTmMGPv8Q”,“errorCauses”:[]}

I logged in to my admin account on Okta, went the Admin -> Api -> Tokens and created a new token there, I then use this token in the header for the call, but get that permission error response.

Could someone please help out with this one, I can’t find a place in the admin panel to set permissions on an api token, or should I create it in a different way?

The auth header for the call is using Authorization: SSWS {api_token}


Hi @peanut

We would need further investigation to see what is the cause of this (invalid request, token limitation, feature missing, etc.). To this matter, please open a support case from portal or by sending us an email to

In the content of the case, please provide the cURL/HTTP request that you are using to access the endpoint.