Alternative to session.get()

Hello there,
we want to move away from the reliance of third-party cookies in our auth flow, but we have a part in our code that checks for an active session like so:

    const session = await oktaAuth.session.get();
    if (session && session.status === "ACTIVE") {
      const tokenResponse = await oktaAuth.token.getWithoutPrompt({
        responseType: "id_token",
      if (tokenResponse) {

But as i can read in the docs, both session.get() and getWithoutPrompt() requires third-party cookies. What are some alternatives to this?


To avoid issues with reading third party cookies, the main alternative is to always redirect back to Okta. For example, instead of checking if a session exists and then call getWithoutPrompt if it does, just call getWithRedirect.

If the user already has a session, the authorize call will succeed immediately and tokens/code will be returned. Otherwise, they will be prompted to login on the Okta hosted login page