An Illustrated Guide to OAuth and OpenID Connect

An Illustrated Guide to OAuth and OpenID Connect

An illustrated guide to explain OAuth and OpenID Connect!

Juan Carlos Chavez

I loved this article. It helped me a lot to understand correctly OAuth & OIDC

Thank you very much for share your knowledge :slight_smile:

David Neal

I’m glad you liked it! Thanks for the encouragement :slight_smile:


Excellent, you’ve taken a complex subject and made it simple, love your style!

David Neal

Thank you for your feedback!

Thiago Valcesia

Nice work!

Pål Andreassen

Nice! Do you have the URL for the
Terrible Pun of the Day web-site? I need to sign up :slight_smile:

David Neal

Thank you!

David Neal

I need to build one for real :slight_smile:

Alex T

Love this. Lots of attention and detail to the images makes it a joy to read.
Keep it up.

David Neal

Thank you!

Nuro Carvalho

Awesome work! Congrats and many thanks!

Lewis Cowles

Scope and nested context (within a user) are often the two things I see people misunderstand

Sebastian Rohr

Me wants Terrible Puns, too!! plz share :slight_smile:

Sheldon Led

Awesome, loved the way you made it so simple!

M Khan

really awesome. Thanks.

ایده پردازان

“You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother.”

―Albert Einstein

Really Awesome

Jernej Jerin

Thank you very much for explaining these concepts in such concise way.

David Neal

Glad to hear you liked it!

Matthew Setter

Thanks for the article (and video), @reverentgeek. Really made absorbing the concept quite easy.