Android authorization(signIn) failed on some devices

Hi Team,

We are using Android OIDC ( for our app login and we have our own login UI.

So we use signIn method to authorize the user as mentioned here in documentation

But we see on some devices the singIn with sessionToken is falling. And onError we received AuthorizationException with error type TYPE_GENERAL_ERROR.

Could you please help us what should be the reason for TYPE_GENERAL_ERROR and how to get it resolved so that client can login to the app.

Devices on which error occurred with Android 13
Samsung SM-A526U1
Samsung SM-G998U1


If I understand correctly on these devices the authn fails so a sessionToken is never returned?

I would suggest to connect one of these devices to a debugger to see if any errors are logged.
Another option to try would be to go through a proxy and view what is returned from Okta during the authn call.

If you supply your Org details and exact time of a test support could check if there is any information logged on the Okta side, or open a support case to supply this information.

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