[Android]Is there a way to authenticate with WebView instead of a Chrome custom tab?


I used the OKtaSDK(GitHub - okta/okta-oidc-android: OIDC SDK for Android) to implement the authentication process in Android.

Successfully authenticate in Chrome custom tab according to README. However, authentication in push using the Okta Verify app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.okta.android.auth&hl=ja&gl=US) does not succeed.
In the log, the process returns cancel from the registered callback.
If the Verify app is not started and the custom tab is alive, onSuccess/onError is returned.


  1. How can I link my credentials to the Verify app in Okta-oidc-android?
  2. If question 1 doesn’t work, I will use WebView to display the authentication screen. In that case, what is the best way to get the information after authentication?

Sorry about the end of the year, but I appreciate your help.