Angular Okta-SignIn-Widget - observe event or hook when Allowed into an application or not

Right now, everything is working great - just need to be able to subscribe, or find an event or hook so I can log a successful login vs:


Now these both come back from Okta as a success because the user is Authenticated, but not necessarily a user with access to said application. We have users that can be part of one or many applications, my question is:

How do I hook into the widget to whether or not a user has logged in successfully, and is there a way to tell if this error pops up (ie not allowed to use said Okta application)?

Have you looked into hooks? okta-signin-widget/docs/ at master · okta/okta-signin-widget · GitHub

So I just did from the Okta Help Center: but I am a little stumped here as well.

From looking at the docs, I think I need this event:

But when trying to create a hook, I cannot seem to find it:

  • Am I in the right place?
  • How are these events mapped from the documentation? (Event Types | Okta Developer)
  • How should I be finding the correct hook in the Okta interface?

Thank you!

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