Angular - Selectively Disable Authentication


Our Angular/Springboot app where the client(Angular) calls the springboot backend(resource server) has integrated successfully. Is there a way to disable authentication selectively?

We’d like to move the okta configuration(clientid, redirectURL, etc) to the springboot component and have the config loaded the first time angular starts and cache thereafter. Springboot is already integrated with consul and therefore wanted to have all config saved in one place. So, idea is when angular starts we’d like to an httpClient call from Angular to the backend just to get the config info. But looks like this is blocked. Soon as the httpClient call is made the okta component kicks in starts intercepting the calls and finds out config info is missing and fails. Is there a way to override this default behaviour?

Error: Your Okta URL is missing. You can copy your domain from the Okta Developer Console. Follow these instructions to find it:
at new ConfigurationValidationError (lib.js:29)
at push…/node_modules/@okta/configuration-validation/dist/lib.js.configUtil.assertIssuer (lib.js:106)
at new OktaAuthService (okta-angular.js:63)
at createOktaService (okta-angular.js:423)