Any API available to test Connectivity with Okta?


I am working on a application which has to be mapped to different IDPs. So for that purpose created configuration page in my application with basic details like client, client secret, issuer. My question : Do we have any API to test the connectivity with the three parameters for avoiding wrong entries/configuration ?

Any API available to Test Okta Connectivity with ClientId, client-secret, issuer ?

Thank you.

I have used before but you can also test manually using the endpoints from OpenID Connect & OAuth 2.0 API | Okta Developer

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Hi Warren,

Thank you for the info.

In i can check only the valid clientId, but i need to check the client secret as well. No ban for helping :slight_smile:

If you set the response_type to code and response_mode to query, then it should perform the authorization code flow. You’ll then have to make the /token request manually and you will need to pass the client id and client secret in the authorization header.