Api request are unAuthorize when using Okta-react SDK 5.1.1

Hi, I have a issue using the react SDK. I plan to manage all users within okta and haven’t had any luck getting user data back.

I keep getting a 401 response, if I edit the request and remove referrer and origin I get a successful 200. I have more details in my question at stack overflow.


React Code:

useEffect(() => {
    if (!authState.isAuthenticated) {
      // When user isn't authenticated, forget any user info
    } else {
        .then((info) => {
        .catch((error) => {
  }, [authState, oktaAuth]);

Is there a step I am missing, config that is incorrect? If I just pass the Auth token using postman the response comes back 200 with the user object, I just haven’t been able to achieve this in JS with Axios, or through the use of oktaAuth.getUser().