Apigee Okta Intergration


I have been exploring APIgee and okta configuration using https://github.com/tom-smith-okta/okta-api-center repo. Here APIgee edge acts as a gateway to https://okta-solar-system.herokuapp.com/ api’s and the token for authentication is generated via okta. My understanding is that https://okta-solar-system.herokuapp.com/ doesnt have any okta authentication enforcement. The check is via apigee.

If I were to replace https://okta-solar-system.herokuapp.com/ with a spring boot application hosted publicly should the application have okta security enabled (eg : https://github.com/oktadeveloper/okta-spring-boot-oauth-example) or should i follow same procedure as above and delegate enforcement of token to apigee, without any security enforcement on the spring boot application?

Can someone tell me what is the standard way of implementation I should follow?