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I am following these instructions, attempting to prepare an application for OIN submission (but this post is not about OIN submission): Build a Single Sign-On (SSO) integration | Okta Developer

This section is unclear: “Note: When you select this option, an App Embed Link section appears at the bottom of the page with the URL that can be used to sign in to the OIDC client from outside of Okta.”

As an administrator for my development Okta org, I can go to Applications > Applications, choose the app integration I am trying to work on, go to the General tab > General Settings, and select “Login initiated by: Either Okta or App”. According to these instructions in the documentation, I should see an App Embed Link section on the bottom of the page upon saving my settings.

But there is no such thing anywhere on the page, or anywhere in the settings for this app integration.

Where is the App Embed Link supposed to be, and how can I get it?


Can you verify if this is an OAuth or SAML application that you are working on?

If it is an OAuth application are you setting it up for the client credentials flow (service app)? If so there would be on embed link as this flow does not go through an authorization call.

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Thanks for the response, I am setting up an OAuth application using the Authorization Code flow.


With OIE Orgs if you choose (OIDC Compliant) for the Login Flow then Okta will use the Initiate login URI to redirect the browser to when the icon is clicked on the users dashboard.
The embedded URL will not be displayed (I am checking if this is by design).

If you were using (Okta Simplified) for the Login Flow then the embedded URL would be displayed. Using Okta Simplified is not allowed for web apps, it is allowed for SPA apps.

You can get the same value for the embedded URL by logging into the Okta dashboard as a user that has access to your application. Right/double click on the application icon on the dashboard and copy the Link URL. It should be something like,


Thank you very much, this is immensely helpful!

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