Application logout involves logout from the okta dashboard

hello dear community
currently I have integrated okta in my projet, I use the implicit flow .on an angular application ,
so my problem currently is that I have applications in the okta dashboard,
and when I disconnect on the angular application I also disconnect from the okta dashboard.
I wonder is there a special configuration to put on okta ,so if I disconnect from my application I stay connected on the okta dashboard

@bdemers @mraible thanks in advance for the answer


If you want to logout of a specific OIDC application but keep your Okta session open, then you shouldn’t call the /logout endpoint and instead should just revoke the OIDC applications tokens (access and refresh only) via the /revoke endpoint.

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Hello @erik the subject it became the priority for me, I ask please this is an example.

parce que moi j’utilise la page d’authentification okta traditionnel , I did not create a specific html page for authentication, and so when I go to revoke the tokens so I will go back to which page?

You should be able to clone the Okta sample Angular application,

Edit the logout() function in,


  async logout() {
    await this.oktaAuth.signOut();

to be,

  async logout() {
    await this.oktaAuth.revokeAccessToken();
    await this.oktaAuth.revokeRefreshToken();
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