Arm Up Your Java: Performance Benchmarks

Arm Up Your Java: Performance Benchmarks

We ran Java performance tests on Arm and Intel, the results may surprise you!

Jerri Kohl

Excellent article! So glad you did this research, and I hope you do an update when different options are available in the future (and include a Mac using the M1 or a newer Apple Arm Mac CPU).

In the Twitter HTTP test, you wrote that the winner was: t3.medium (This one was not a fair fight.)
However, the chart shows that m6g.medium won by a large amount.

Brian Demers

Good catch Jerri!
I’ll update the post with the correction!

I have an ARM based Mac, I just need to make some time to test it :smiley:

aviv gold

Hey, the results are depends on the t3 burst credits balance starting point before each test.
Also, does the t3 running with the unlimited mode? If so the cost is cannot be predicted, and performance are impact as well.

Brian Demers

Great point!

Any of these perf tests are just going to get you in the right ball park to help gauge if it’s worth testing a real application.