Asp core user profil


I’ve followed the sample here, it all worked great but now I am trying to figure out how to access the rest of the user’s profile attributes, any pointers?

It should be in HttpContext.User.Claims

If you have custom information you need to get into the User’s Claims, you need to set up your authorization server and map additional user information into claims.

Thanks for the reply Tom,

Can you point me on some docs on how to setup the auth server and map additional user info into claims?


If you have a newer organization (created post-June) you should have a default authorization server set up for you already.

Information about setting up claims is:

I still can’t make this work,

Here is the claim I’ve added
Screenshot from 2017-10-25 20-46-00

User.Claims only has:

Oh, I finally got it, it had to be user.honorificPrefix