ASP.NET Minimal API support


I was curious if anyone has found a way to make Okta API authorization servers work with .NET 6/7’s minimal API yet.

While MVC is great for certain circumstances, it seems that Microsoft is heavily encouraging users to try out Razor/Blazor pages, as well as using minimal API. With my company’s current project, we benefit more from using Razor Pages and minimal API. I currently use Okta for user sign-in to protect the Razor Pages, but I am unable to find out if anything exists for minimal API.

Anyone find any ways to make secure minimal API using Okta’s authorization server?

Maybe one of these sample apps might be what you’re looking for?

Sorry for the late reply, but unfortunately, no. Neither of those options have minimal API support. Here’s a link to reference what I was talking about:

The main difference is the minimal API are much less overhead and simply mapping methods to a route directly, instead of using the typical MVC paradigm with controllers.