AttributeError at authorization-code/callback

I am trying to integrate Okta Single Sing On in a Django Rest Framework web app with front-end in React. I following this documentation also I am not sure if this is correct or not. But following this documentation I am able to create the authentication URL. After entering the URL I am able to authenticate the user, but after authentication and when the callback function is called I am facing this issue:

When debugging it I found the error is related to PKCE Verification failure. But I am not sure why this is producing the error. I am sure it is about the code_challenge but not able to figure it our how to fix it. Prior to this I have also tried using the mozilla_django_oidc in this I am having this issue

If anyone has gone through or have any idea about it, please let me know that would be awesome.

Hi @rkswcud2! Just to confirm, using the doc you referenced you created a web app that uses auth code flow grant and not auth code flow with PKCE correct?

Thanks a ton for the reply. Well I am not sure at all. I am just following along the documentations and the flask-sample project from Okta’s github repository.

Ok so I see the samples here GitHub - okta/samples-python-flask: samples-python-flask do reference a web app. Can you share a screenshot of your OIDC App setup in your Okta dashboard. You can hide your client id and secret before posting here.