Auth0 <> Okta SSO integration

Hello there,
We are a SaaS web application that uses Auth0 as our authentication/identification service.

We are currently implementing Okta SSO feature for some of our business customers.
Indeed, as we have multiple customers (companies) who need an Okta SSO, we created a OAuth Social connection, after creating our app on Okta side.

However, it seems that for each connection with a customer Okta account, we need to create a specific connection on Auth0 side.
For instance, with Google SSO, we just needed to create the app on Google and then offer it to any user - without having to “reference” each company connection on Auth0.
In fact, one Google SSO connection has been enough to manage all our customers Google SSO requirements.

But, for Okta SSO, since we have this customer-specific reference to add - it seems that we need one connection per customer (with all the implications it generates in terms of Auth0 billing plan, and implementation complexity)

So here are my questions/remarks:

  • I do not get why we need to establish a customer-specific connection on our (supplier) side. Especially that we use Auth0 - bought by Okta. Creating an Okta app, that each customer can opt-in for - like with Google - seems to be the way to go here.
  • Is there something that I miss on the Okta SSO configuration for multiple business customers?*
  • Consequently, is there a simpler way - and that is not generating a large amount of specific connections - to offer Okta SSO capabilities to multiple customers?