Authenticate my server to use the Okta API

I want to create users on okta from my server using the okta API.

I already managed to test it using an API token I generated from the UI, but now I need to integrate it with my server, so I guess I need to authenticate to okta in real time, so how do I do that?

Do I need to create another okta application and authenticate using the client id and secret? how do I do that?


I think the right way is to store your API token from the UI on your webserver, and use that to authenticate with an SSWS header

I posted a sample of it here

Thanks, but I can’t use that.
AFAIK, okta only allows you to create a token that expires after one month, and I can’t update the server every month with a new token. I want the process to be automated

I found my answer:

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