Authentication to any web page in 10 minutes - Where does my content go?


I’d like to first thank @mraible for getting this tutorial in place. Really helped me a lot! I’ve finally managed to get the authentication to work but I cannot figure out where the rest of my HTML code would go.

I’m a bit new to development and still trying to get my head around everything. Through trial and error, I’ve managed to find a workaround and that is to hide the DIV of my original code and just display it once authentication has been completed. I know this is in no way a standard and is not secure at all because most of the code can be seen when you view the source code of the site and can easily be overridden if you change the CSS in the browser editor. :slight_smile:

Please, could you tell me the best practice or the best way to show the rest of my HTML website after authentication?

Thanks again for all your help!


Hello MD,

What kind of application are you trying to develop? Is it just a sample to test some things out or is it something you want to use in production? If I can understand what you’re trying to do, I should be able to help you more.



Hello Matt!

Thanks for your reply. So I have a simple HTML page that connects to my Raspberry Pi at home. The website is basically just an HTML page which connects to the GPIO pins on the Pi to control the little telepresence prototype robot that I am building. I would say Id like to make it production line secure since this is going to be public and open to the world and Id like to control users via Okta. The webserver runs on Python Tornado w/ websockets enabled for realtime controls.

Just to confirm, ive already managed to get the authentication working. Problem is, I dont know where to properly insert my HTML controller code to make sure that it only shows when someone has authenticated and not just open publicly.

Thanks again for all your help. Im very basic in writing code but can understand reading and modifying it. :slight_smile: