Authorization Code flow for ASP.MVC 4.0


I am trying to integration OKTA in a web application build in Visual studio 2010 MVC 4 framework 4.0 via OIDC authorization code flow

I have taken the approach of JavaScript SDK for the integration as I couldn’t find any DLL/SDK related to .net framework 4.0 .

I have utilized token.getWithRedirect to get Authorization code but cannot find a way to pass client secret and authorization code to get the access token

I have refered okta-auth-js.min.js for the implementation
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Piyush.lahoti

You can find here several samples to integrate Okta with ASP.NET MVC 4.x. The details mentioned are passed automatically by the SDK and your application receives the JWTs.

Thanks Dragos.
looking the Github URL we came to know that all those project are using OWIN Dll which are build in higher framework (4.5)
Our application is build in framework(4.0) all those Dll doesn’t support our framework