Authorization code with PKCE flow

I am working on android, completed PKCE flow with Okta working successfully,
i need to execute my own service from android, for this need sample spring boot resource server application which suitable for native application (resource server which will works for PKCE flow).

Hey @vgund9!

I’ll start with the easy part first :slight_smile:.

You can use the Okta Spring Boot starter (example), or Spring Boot OAuth2 directly (example).

For your native app, which framework/libraries are you using?

I am using below android sample

Please suggest any spring boot resource server sample application which will work above sample

Hey @vgund9,

Either of those examples above should work, but I’ll pass you on to @jmelberg, he can fill you in on any details using appauth.

@bdemers same sample is worked for me, but when i am trying same flow with Postman getting some issues

I tried with mobile app its working but not in postman can someone help me to resolve this?

Did that happen on the redirect? or the original request?

Postman enables redirects by default, if that was a successful request, you would be redirected back to: (which should only work from AppAuth)


It happen with original request

Does it work from curl (or other command line tool). If you click on the code link you should have multiple options to run the command elsewhere.

Let us know!