Authorization Error : Error Code 9 : Response state param did not match request state

I am using Okta Authentication for Android App. When I am opening the App it is taking me to Okta Login Page then redirecting me to app. This cycle is repeating again & again. And when I checked the Log it was saying :

AuthorizationException: {“type”:0,“code”:9,“errorDescription”:“Response state param did not match request state”}

Please can anybody resolve this issue I am not even able to put the credentials.

Below is the full logcat:

W/System.err: AuthorizationException: {“type”:0,“code”:9,“errorDescription”:“Response state param did not match request state”}
W/System.err: at com.okta.oidc.util.AuthorizationException$AuthorizationRequestErrors.(
W/System.err: at com.okta.oidc.clients.AuthAPI.validateResult(
W/System.err: at com.okta.oidc.clients.web.SyncWebAuthClientImpl.processSignInResult(
W/System.err: at com.okta.oidc.clients.web.SyncWebAuthClientImpl.signIn(
W/System.err: at com.okta.oidc.clients.web.WebAuthClientImpl.lambda$signIn$3$WebAuthClientImpl(
W/System.err: at com.okta.oidc.clients.web.-$$Lambda$WebAuthClientImpl$ Source:6)
W/System.err: at java.util.concurrent.Executors$
W/System.err: at
W/System.err: at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
W/System.err: at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$
W/System.err: at

@Piyu794 I’m experiencing the same issue. Any news on this?