Authorization id_token code brings error for all request if user is deactivated

I am in the process of testing the deactivation of user account on my app. So far everything works fine only issue occurs for any next idp request after user is deactivated.
I am calling Okta Rest apis and using that form of communication.
So I do this first when user wants to delete his account from the setting page of my app:
POST a request with current user id : \


This returns 200 but any request of login to okta domain now gives me following error codes :
{error_description=[Unable to JIT the user.], state=[jTKONy], error=[jit_failure]}

So I stopped for a while and went out for a walk and came back to retry and everything was working again, I could login with multiple users etc so I was back in business but again when I tried to test deactivate feature, user got deactivated but then I am back to same issue, I keep getting jit failure errors.

What I am doing wrong ?

Ok I found the issue to be my browser even though I de-activated user and logged out, cleared session but still somehow all my request still had that user token somewhere, so actually I was always returned response for the de-activated user.
I activated this user again and everything back to normal.

But question remains :
Why de-activated user (I checked on admin console, user was indeed deactivated through api) error response {error_description=[Unable to JIT the user.], state=[jTKONy], error=[jit_failure]}
is returned, instead I would expect whole user info but status something other than ACTIVE ?

Is it some setting I have to change to not receive this error response but proper id_token code with user status non-ACTIVE?

My use-case is to give opportunity for user to re-activate their account in case they try to login again with de-activated user.