Authorization Server ID is Invalid error

I’m trying to create an Oath OIDC Okta app (web) to use SSO with a website. The app is created in Okta and when trying to login to the app it does send the response back to the login redirect URI, but it does so with the error: error=invalid_request&error_description=The+authorization+server+id+is+invalid.

Also It looks like the the expected value ‘code’ is missing in the response as $_GET[‘code’] doesn’t find it. In my terraform I do have response_types = [“code”].

I’m not sure why I’m getting this error, or why ‘code’ is missing.

I’m guessing you have a mistake in the configuration, what’s the ‘issuer’ you have in your application config?

Thanks for the suggestion! I think issuer looks OK though. It looks to match ( what it shows to use in my profile.

What does the authorize call made by your application wind up looking like?

If your issuer is set to be your Okta domain, the request URL should look something like this (though ymmc depending on the library you are using):

That is looking like this:

OK, got it to work. Instead of default in that request URL it had to be the name we used for our auth server, which was set to something else.

Thanks for help me work through this @andrea !

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