Authorize end point throws error "404". As far as I understand, inorder to generate the SSO token for a user, the first step is to authenticate using username and passowrd, get an authorization code and using that I should generate an SSO token?

When I try authorize endpoint, I get a “404” error.")

Any help would be appreciated.

I’m seeing a 400 when I follow it. Can you make sure you copied your client id correctly, as an invalid client_id can cause these unhelpful 400 errors.

Thank you for the response. Here is the client id:

Getting an error with that one:

You’ll want to either enable Implicit grant - ID Token for the app in Okta OR switch your response_type to code to fix that error

I have modified the response type with code and it didn’t work either. I am pretty new to okta. I can get sessionToken from the ‘/authn’ end point. Also tried adding session token to the request that I have made. It throws “404” again. I have added certain users to the application that I have integrated with Okta. Is there any other way that I can provide the authorization token to the users with their username and password?

if you’re getting a 404, that likely means your URL is incorrectly formatted. Might be worth trying to walk through our guide to see if following the steps laid out there works for you: Implement authorization by grant type | Okta Developer and Implement authorization by grant type | Okta Developer

Hi @akshaya if you’ve enabled the authorisation code flow, have you also enabled PKCE for your app? If so, those calls were missing the PKCE parameters. You may need to generate a code verifier, then add a code_challenge and code_challenge_method.