AuthSdkError: Passed in oktaAuth is not compatible with the SDK, okta-auth-js version 4.x is the current supported version

Which version of react-okta should I use.

I’m implementing a react app using okta-react. The doc states 5.0 is a stable version and 4.x will be sundowned on Dec 2021.

I downloaded the sample apps. They use 4.x version. Followed to migrate from 4.x to 5.x instructions. and receive the error message in my title.

Am I missing something? December 2021 is only a few months away.

Thank you

Hi @Cathy ! This actually came up recently and you can find the answer and some discussion about it here:

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Thank you Cale,
That worked nicely. Although I am a bit concerned that okta-auth 4.x is ‘retiring’ in Jan 2022. That’s not so far away.