AutoRenew on React SPA


I am currently integrating Okta in a React SPA. I am using Okta’s react package. I have succeeded in implementing an authorization code flow in order to login the users. However I can’t seem to figure out how to refresh the tokens silently.
My current situation is that when a token expires (or reaches the expiration - expireEarlySeconds), isAuthenticated is called, then onAuthRequired is called and I get redirected to my login page. The following error messages displays in the console before isAuthenticated is called:
error.errorCode: login_required, error.description: The client specified not to prompt, but the user is not logged in.

Is the error saying that I tried to refresh the tokens but it didn’t work? How can I fix this?



I don’t remember where exactly, but it’s been discussed here already. Try to search for it

I don’t know if you’re talking about this post How to refresh a token silently without redirect from SPA ?
Sorry but I don’t really find my answer in this.

When the token expires, I don’t see any requests being made in the network tab, only the error in the console. Also, I am unsure on how it actually works. From what I see on different topics it should be calling /authorize, but I only see calls to api/v1/authn.
I do see a call to /authorize with a HTTP 200, however there is nothing in the body of the response.
Nevermind. It’s a problem with 3rd party cookies. The request doesn’t work on Chrome, but it does on Firefox.



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@mathieuv Can I ask if the root cause is the 3rd party cookies is not enabled in your Chrome? So your Firebox has the option enabled right?

I just checked my settings and it turns out it’s only the incognito mode that had 3rd party cookies disabled. I checked in normal mode and it worked correctly.
Nevertheless it’s still a behaviour that I would like to avoid, so I followed the advice on custom domains in this Okta blog post, so I don’t get surprises on eventual 3rd party cookies changes in the future.