Baby steps: creating a custom self-hosted login page for a Java/Spring Web App (OAuth2)

I want to create a customized sign-in page using the embedded (self-hosted) Sign-in Widget in a Web Application. The language is Java, and the framework is Spring. I’m using Spring Security with Okta, and that works well for the rest of what I have already implemented.

I have poured-over the documentation and examples several times, and am getting nowhere. I’m frustrated; this is taking way too long.

So, in desperation, I am seeking help from the Community for the first time.

I’ll start with a simple question:

As per the Okta documentation, I am willing to load the Okta resources from the Okta CDN, rather than installing the widget into my project:

link href=“” type=“text/css” rel=“stylesheet”


script src=“” type=“text/javascript”>

Do I still need to install the widget into my Spring project, or can I just load the resources from oktacdn, as in the preceding link and script statements?

Thank you for your assistance.

You can just load the widget from the CDN. That’s actually the preferred way we recommend so you don’t have to deal with npm and webpack to process it.

Thank you, mraible. Will post next question tomorrow. I appreciate your response to the Community.

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